Safe, natural ear wax removal spray now available in Swedish pharmacies

Stockholm, Sweden – Despite doctors’ repeated warnings, a 2017 study by the Journal of Pediatrics reported that every year at least 12,500 U.S. children are treated in the emergency room due to ear injuries from using cotton swabs to remove ear wax. The primary injury reported was a tear in the patients’ ear drum.

It isn’t just children who suffer ear injuries from cotton swabs. A study in the British Journal of Medical Practice showed that adults worldwide continue the dangerous use of cotton swabs to clean ears. In addition to tearing the ear drum, individuals also suffer from impacted ear wax, infection, and more.

An all-natural alternative for removing ear wax is now available in Sweden from Nordic Lab. The newly available Audisol® Cleaning Spray is manufactured in Sweden and is available in local pharmacies in a 50 ml bottle. With its specially designed nozzle, Audisol® allows customers to safely and gently rinse wax and dirt from their ears and to dissolve wax plugs. The product also works to prevent wax buildup.

The new ear cleaning spray, which is designed for use by anyone aged six and over, helps customers avoid issues like hearing loss, ear pain, and even coughing. Hearing loss can happen when wax buildup keeps sound from reaching the ear drum. Compressed wax from using cotton swabs can also cause ear pain or can impact nerves and cause a throat tickle that leads to a coughing. Audisol a better alternative to cotton buds.

To get Audisol® Cleaning Spray today, visit your local pharmacy or buy online.

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